3-Act Tasks. A 3-act task is a group participation exercise articulated in three distinct sections or acts, using videos and photos to convey information in a visual and engaging format. Each task is a rich mathematics exercise worthy of quality classroom discourse and creative problem solving. Conceptua Math is pursuing opportunities to further study and perfect the science of delivering 3-Act Tasks and other Rich Math Tasks. Explore the 3-act tasks below:

"The Peach"
by Graham Fletcher

A peach sits on one side of a balance. Two cubes are placed on the other side. How many cubes will it take to balance the peach? Division with fractions will produce an answer.

Grade Level: 5 - 6 cusp

Standards: 5.NF.7, 6.NS.1

The Peach

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Invert & Multiply

"All Aboard!"
by Graham Fletcher

There's a train a comin'! How long will it take to pass? Use multi-step multiplication and a simple conversion from seconds to minutes to arrive at the station.

Grade Level: 3

Standards: 3.NBT.3, 3.MD.1

All Aboard

"Tomato Tomato"
by Graham Fletcher

There are two bottles of ketchup: one little and the other large. How many little bottles will fit in the large bottle? The answer can use many skills, including: division with whole numbers, division with decimals, converting decimals to fractions, and understanding different units of measure.

Grade Level: 5

Standards: 5.NBT.6, 5.NBT.7

Tomato Tomato

"Array-bow of Colors"
by Graham Fletcher

There are a lot of Skittles in a big jar. How many packages does it take to fill the jar? We find out how many Skittles are in a package, and multiply by a given number of packages... But there is a surprise in store! Students will multiply with multi-digit numbers and also learn a lesson in consumer economics.

Grade Level: 4

Standards: 4.NBT.5

Array-bow of Colors