Adaptive Teaching for Differentiated Instruction.   All students learn and grow at their own pace, and struggling students need extra attention and time on task. Conceptua® Math provides the teacher with tools and support to make this a seamless and harmonious part of the classroom experience.

"With Conceptua Math, the teacher is integrally involved in making decisions about remediation or what level of practice students should do next." Sorsha Mulroe, Mathematics Specialist, Howard County, MD

Remediation in One Minute

60 seconds is all it takes to differentiate! Differentiating instruction can be hard, but Conceptua’s formative assessments combine real-time data and ready-to-go remediation activities to foster an important interaction between the teacher and student; no algorithm can compete! Teachers are able to diagnose the source of the student’s trouble and select the appropriate remediation activity, all in one minute. Best practice methods - now a reality.

A Window into Student Thinking

Adaptive teaching draws upon the teacher’s insightfulness and judgment. Each one-minute visit begins when a student raises their hand after failing a skills check. The formative assessment screen allows the teacher to easily view the student’s actual answers (see graphic) and gain a window into the student’s thought process. The teacher has an opportunity to engage the student in a discussion to identify what is impeding the student’s success and prescribe the appropriate remediation lesson.

common core math

Differentiated Instruction

Conceptua Math provides an important solution to a common teacher dilemma: What content can I use to differentiate instruction?

For each and every lesson, Conceptua Math provides three remediation options, on the spot:

Blue ArrowThe “More” lesson gives the student another try with different examples.

Yellow ArrowThe “Remedial” lesson covers the same content but with more visual and verbal support.

Purple ArrowThe “Preskill” lesson is appropriate if the student has a misconception and needs to revisit prior content before returning to try this lesson again.

By choosing from these three different remediation options, teachers are able to differentiate and personalize with ease.

Remediation Options