Station Rotation

[Excerpted from the Blended Learning White Paper]

Though station rotations have been a standard in classrooms for years, Conceptua Math’s technology has the ability to increase the effectiveness of these models.

Similar to other blended learning implementation models, students participate with the teacher in a whole-class discussion of the openers. Students then rotate through stations, one of which includes several devices where students can work through Conceptua Math’s guided practice sessions. Teachers are provided immediate feedback on student progress, so they can identify the level of support students need and what pathway they need to work through next. Other stations may have students working with manipulatives or writing in their math journals using Conceptua Math’s journal prompts. Small groups may also be pulled aside for more direct instruction for students who may be struggling. Students then work through Conceptua’s closers collectively, ending the session with whole class discussion. The E.L. Haynes school in Washington, DC is a charter school that focuses on blended learning and has successfully used a station model similar to this in their sixth grade implementation of Conceptua Math.