We Keep the Teacher in the Equation™.  Conceptua® Math is the only online math solution that elevates the teacher while providing students with personalized instruction. It can be used as a supplement, a core replacement, for Tier 2, or as a special education solution.

Three-Part Skill-Building Lessons

Conceptua Math employs a classic, three-part lesson approach in which students make their thinking visible as they engage in the highest level standards for mathematical practice.

The Lesson Opener: 10 - 15 minutes

  • Group discussion facilitated by the teacher
  • Uses interactive whiteboard or other projected computer image

Independent Practice in a Guided Lesson: 12 - 18 minutes

  • Students work independently on a computer or iPad
  • A series of problems to develop skills
  • Includes daily formative assessment

The Lesson Closer: 5 minutes

  • Ready-made summary and group discussion using visual models and optional scripts
  • Includes a Journal Prompt for every lesson
Lesson Closer

Real World Investigations

Every Big Idea includes a three-part Real World Investigation along with online extension activities. Students learn to apply their skills in situations where they gather authentic data and solve personal challenges.

  • Part 1 - All data is provided. Students learn a data model.
  • Part 2 - Some data is provided. Students add to the data model.
  • Part 3 - Students provide all of the data, taken from their own lives or imagination. An open-ended data table is provided.

Multiple Visual Models

Research shows that students need to be able to use models interchangeably to build flexibility in their thinking. Conceptua Math's interactive visual models include:

Fractions Models

  • Bars and circles
  • Area models
  • Discrete models
  • Number lines
  • Double number lines

Multiplication and Division Models

  • Arrays
  • Open arrays
  • Linking cubes
  • Number lines

Place Value Models

  • Base ten blocks
  • Base ten frames
  • Place value disks
multiple visual models

Fact Fluency

Fact Fluency allows students to master multiplication and division facts under 100. This adaptive learning component uses timed practice and visual models to help students build speed and accuracy with facts in the context of instruction.

Learn more about Fact Fluency >

fact fluency


Conceptua Math consists of 15 modules in three areas: Fractions and Multiplication, Division of Whole Numbers, and Place Value.

modules list

RtI: Built In

Typically, 75% of students will pass the Standard Lesson within 12 to 18 minutes. 25% of students will fail the Standard Lesson, giving the teacher an opportunity to engage in a brief remediation dialogue. Working together, the teacher and student instantly craft a personalized instructional path.

Instructional Path

Program Structure

Conceptua Math is built around monthly, weekly, and daily cycles as shown below. The program emphasizes skill building, class discussion, and application of skills in real world investigations.

Monthly Pacing

program structure

Daily Pacing

daily structure


Comprehensive reporting supports teachers in using data to drive instruction. Class progress and student views provide insight into which students are struggling or lessons that are challenging the class. Administrators can view progress at the school or district level to assess school usage or drill-down to class and individual performance.

Sample Class Report

Sample District Report

Sample District Report

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