Rich Classroom Conversations. With Conceptua Math, students thoughtfully engage in mathematical discourse on a daily basis. They learn to express themselves using the language of math, how to listen to the ideas of others, and how to think critically. Through this technology-enabled process, students who use Conceptua Math actively engage in the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Crescent Elementary enjoys rich cassroom discussions.

Starting Math Class with Conversation

Each Lesson Sequence begins with an Opener, where students discuss a series of visual problems presented at the front of the classroom, on a projected computer screen or interactive whiteboard. While their teacher uses on-screen prompts as a guide, students talk in small groups, take turns addressing the whole class, manipulate the models on the classroom computer screen, and discuss one-another’s thinking.

common core math

Jeanie Heaslet, a 5th grade teacher, describes how her class benefits from doing the Lesson Openers.

Arjan Khalsa, CEO, provides an overview of Lesson Openers.

Concluding with Group Discussion

Each Lesson Sequence ends with a Closer that gives students the opportunity to summarize their learning. Usually a shorter conversation than the Opener, the closing discussion helps raise students’ confidence by helping them cement their own, personal learning experience. It also helps build group clarity as students see how their class, as a whole, understands a given math topic.

The Common Core Standards for Practice

With Conceptua Math’s rich student discussions, each learner gets the advantage of practicing these standards on a daily basis. Of the eight total standards, these are the six most frequently employed through the Conceptua discussions:

common core math six standards of practice