Smarter Balanced Assessments. Conceptua Math has the content and online tools to ensure that students will be prepared for the rigor of the Smarter Balanced Assessments. Our unique approach helps students build a deep understanding of the language and concepts of the Common Core while learning how to use virtual manipulatives and solve equations online. 

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Alignment

The Smarter Balanced sample problems bear a striking similarity to the student problems in Conceptua Math. Students benefit from working on lessons that contain many of the same digital interactions and content focus as the Smarter Balanced Assessment. These include dragging fractions to a number line to plot their correct position, partitioning and shading models to make fractions, and comparing fractions. Conceptua Math is completely aligned with the Common Core content standards and our unique approach to learning makes Conceptua the best way to ensure that students are prepared for the SBAC assessments.  


common core mathThis SBAC example problem asks students to drag fractions to the correct location on a number line.
common core math

Conceptua Math teaches the same skill as SBAC. Students drag fractions to the number line and receive corrective feedback to guide them.

SBAC Alignment Video: See how
Conceptua Math prepares students for
the SBAC Assessment (grade 3).

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