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"The software worked wonderfully! . . . This is the best my students have done in the past 4 years on fractions. I would definitely use it again in the future."

— Janey Taylor, LHS Math Dept., Albany County School District, Laramie, WY

"I've been working with kids and math for over 20 years and I think your fraction tools are the best I've found. They are simple to navigate, but they offer a rich environment to explore and learn about key fraction concepts. I don't know who likes them more, me or my students!"

— Tina Kolpakowski, Math Instructor, Portland, OR

"I am a 6th grade teacher and I used Conceptua Fractions every day as a review during our fractions unit. I have an interactive whiteboard in the room, and Conceptua Fractions is a fantastic tool for kids as it is so 'hands-on.' If it has a limitation, it’s that only one child can be on it at a time, and with your site, ALL my kids are engaged ALL the time :-)."

"I have been giving the kids some time each day to work on the site, and this has worked really well, but the most exciting part is to see how many kids are accessing the site from home, and how many of them are choosing Conceptua Math over many other activity choices (and not all are math choices either) when they have 'free-time.' :-)"

"I really like the assessment screen, as it lets me know how the kids are doing and what they are struggling with. I think the kids also value this screen, as we work really hard on 'self-evaluation' in our class, so it is great for them to see the different 'colors' and know where their struggles are. Thanks for this tool!"

— Jann Porritt, 6th grade teacher, Regina, Canada

"Conceptua Fractions provides us with exactly the type of pedagogy we need. It is easy to use, and it helps teachers deliver powerful instruction in a more visual and conceptual way."

— Steven Leinwand, PhD., Renowned mathematics educator, author, researcher, and past-president of NCSM


"I LOVE this tool and all of your conceptual math interactive tools! This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time for teaching math concepts! Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these for free. You have amazing products!"

— Anonymous Free Fractions Tools user

"You've taken everything I believed and experienced while teaching and put it into an easy to use online tool..."

— Ina Feld, retired teacher and private tutor, Denver, CO



"The developers at Conceptua Math understand the importance of language in math education. They pay attention to the large population of struggling learners and use technology in important ways to address their learning needs."


—Nora Ramirez, Leader in the mathematics English Learner movement,
co-founder of TODOS, author of new book from NCTM

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